Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Directions to new Carseldine grounds

Teamwork - Carseldine has relocated to Taigum State School - 260 Handford Road, Taigum

Directions to the grounds:

Northbound on Handford Rd: Enter the first car park at the Taigum State School.  This is an unsealed car park.

Southbound on Handford Rd: Enter the second car park at the Taigum State School.  This is an unsealed car park. (Note: The first car park is sealed and accessed from the traffic lights at Liberty Drive.)

Follow the track at the rear of the car park, past the swimming pool, toward the cream coloured shed.
Our Registration Desk is located under the awning of the shed.

Safety Alert:  The car park has direct access to Handford Road, so please ensure all dogs are properly secured before opening car doors and inviting dogs out of cars.

Ground rules:

As we use school playing fields, Teamwork Dog Obedience and its clients must adhere strictly to the following ground rules:

No smoking on school grounds including the car park.
All rubbish must be removed from the grounds and placed in the bins provided near the Registration Desk.
Anyone handling a dog is required to carry bags to clean up if their dog defecates or vomits on the grounds including the car park.  This rubbish can be left in the bins near the Registration Desk.
While on the grounds (including car park), all dogs must remain on lead or in their crates, unless otherwise instructed by a Teamwork trainer.
No vehicles are permitted on the playing fields.  All vehicles must be left in the car park.
Access to the general school grounds and buildings is strictly prohibited.  Teamwork clients are permitted only on the playing fields.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Carseldine - February Course Intakes

Puppy School

4 week course for dogs aged 10 - 16 weeks

Saturday 28th January at 9:15am (Fully booked)

Saturday 25th February at 9:15am

Course cost - $89.00

Please click here for bookings and enquiries.

Vacancies available in our Senior Puppy Basic Obedience course starting 4th February.  Details at:

Basic Obedience

6 week course for dogs aged from 12 months

Saturday 4th February at 9am (Fully booked )

Saturday 18th March at 9am

Course cost - $180.00

Please click here for bookings and enquiries.


6 week course for dogs aged from 16 weeks - 12 months.

This course is also suited to anxious dogs.

Saturday 28th January at 9am

Course cost - $180.00

Please click here for bookings and enquiries.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Caboolture Puppy School December

Puppy School Caboolture December
Trainer Richelle 

Caboolture Cabo olture Basic Obedience December

Caboolture Basic Obedience December
Trainer Alex 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Redcliffe Basic Obedience Nov / Dec

Redcliffe Basic Abrideged Course Pre Christmas
Trainer Alex

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas closure Caboolture Redcliffe

Caboolture Advanced and Intermediate 
Last session for the year Sunday December 18th
Return to training Sunday Jan 29th 8am
Basic Obedience
Last training session Sunday December 18th
New course 2017 January 22nd 9am

Redcliffe Venue
Last training session Sunday December 11th
New Basic Course 2017 January 29th 2pm

Caboolture Puppy School 2017

Caboolture Puppy School
New course January 8th 9am   -- Fully Booked
For puppies from 10 - 16 weeks  
Cost of the four week program $89
To book click here

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Carseldine - Senior Puppy Course - February 2017

Delta Senior Puppy Basic Obedience Course 

One of our instructors is completing her Certificate IV in Companion Animal Training through the Delta Institute and needs to conduct a Senior Puppy Basic Obedience course to demonstrate her skills.

For entry into this course dogs need to be 16 – 24 weeks of age.

What does this mean to you?

We need you to consent to being filmed during the class.  The video footage will only be viewed by our instructor's assessor and will be destroyed once the assessment is complete.

We need you to complete a pre-class profile to enable our instructor to tailor the class content to your needs.

We need you to attend the first class without your dog.

During class you will learn to use a clicker which we will supply.

How is this course different to Teamwork's other Basic Obedience courses?

The first lesson in the Delta course is dog free.  Teamwork's other Basic Obedience courses have dogs at all six lessons.

The  content of the Delta course will be designed based on your responses to the pre-class profile.  Teamwork's other Basic Obedience courses follows a standard curriculum and includes problem solving exercises.

The class size will be limited to 6 dog / handlers.  Teamwork's other courses have a limit of 8 in a class (with an instructor and assistant)

Teamwork's other courses are not filmed.

Teamwork's other courses do not teach clicker training.  They do however teach "marker" based training.

When is this class?

6 week Basic Obedience course

4th February 2017 at 9am

What does it cost?

The cost of this course is $160.00

For more information or to book please click here.

Saturday, November 19, 2016